Junko Asahina

American corporation international psychology study foundation's director
Oceanic Game representative director
Mayor of Institute of Institute of psychology counselor Coco Shine

The 2009 Oceanic Game establishment
The same year    The Institute of psychology counselor Coco Shine establishment
We establish "American corporation international psychology study foundation" in Hawaii in 2013


We established for the purpose of our, American corporation international psychology study foundation being based on "psychology counselor and the psychological spread" and "skill improvement of psychology counselor", and being active.

Monstera, flower language that became puzzle as for what become symbol of our foundation say with "nice news" "magnificent plan" "deep relations"; have a meaning.

We develop the basis, activity of magnificent plan to tell to want to tell about "truth science" more than psychology throughout the world and want to send nice news to everybody! We named with thought to say to.

We cannot live alone.
There is friend in my life, and there is me in the life of each friend.
Live; grow up; polish; wrestle; share; family is necessary to cooperate.
Relations with society, relations with family, friend, relations with lover, the earth, relations with nature, relations with oneself.
We are kept alive by relations.
However, person whom it does not reach well to conclude relations is most, the root of trouble very.

We aim at the world building close relations, concluded relations, relations to say close bond and want to be active for power.

American corporation international psychology study foundation
International Psychological Research Foundation

[the headquarters]
1314.S.King Street #625, Honolulu, Hawaii 96814

[Tokyo Branch]
36-2, Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Noah Shibuya 503

Business hours: From 12:00 to 19:00
Regular holiday: Sundays and holidays
MAIL:info@oceanic-game .com

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